Thursday, September 26, 2013

an update

so it seems I've forgotten about this little blog. with so many forms of social media these days it's hard to remember where I posted last.

sidenote - does it drive anyone else crazy when you see something on Instagram and then again on Facebook and then on Twitter and then Pinterest and then a blog? makes me feel like a crazy person because I think, "I've seen this already" but then I remember, I did, because I just checked Instagram 10 minutes ago (maybe I'm on social media too much?...) I'm all about keeping it separate unless it's just too awesome not to share with everyone

anyway, just thought I'd give a few updates

I live in Sandy now with two great roommates Sarah and Abby. they were totally random, but it's worked out very well. Abby is getting married in November so we'll get a new girl and she's awesome as well. it's so nice to have good roommates especially when they were so random (friend of a friend of a friend of a friend type deal)

I've gone to two races for The Color Run, Ft. Lauderdale and Orlando. Traveling is a lot of work, but it's also a lot of fun and rewarding even when you wake up at 3:30 am on race day. I have a whole new respect for our traveling team, the do some serious work! My regular job is working in our international department

I also went down to Moab with some work friends and up to Kennewick, WA to see my friend Breck this summer for some quick vacations.

 Delicate Arch

 Columbia River

 The Gorge Amphitheater 

I bought a new car in August - a 2010 Nissan Rogue. I loved my little Honda, but decided it was time for something a little newer and nicer. I'm loving my heated seats as we've had a bit of cooler weather around here. It's also nice to drive on the freeway without the car shaking the whole time.

I wish I could say I was dating, but that's not really happening. I dated a kid for a short time in the summer, but it just wasn't meant to be. Poor kid was good about putting up with my crazy side though. And in true Kristen fashion, we had a pretty funny breakup. It went something like this:
me - so this whole dating thing just isn't really working for me
him - yeah...I agree
(short, disjointed, distracted conversation about not being awkward then walk to the door)
him - guess I don't have to walk you to your car anymore
me - nope, guess not. see ya!

one of these days I'll figure this dating thing out. until then, we'll just keep laughing at my funny dating stories

I played on my ward softball team over the summer (I even got a few base hits) and I'll be playing both volleyball and indoor soccer this fall. I feel like I'm just being so sporty these days, but it's fun even if I'm terrible at softball and soccer. Luckily, I can redeem myself with volleyball

so there are some quick updates on the past few months. until next time...

Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Color Run

remember how I said I can get you $10 off The Color Run Salt Lake City? that is still true! shamelessly, I'm posting the same thing I posted to Facebook, because well, copy and paste is super easy.

The Color Run is coming to Salt Lake City August 24th and you don't want to miss out! This is fun stuff. If you (and anyone you know, family, friends, your favorite checker at the grocery store, etc.) want to sign up for my team, TCR Team Biegs, I can get you a $10 discount on registration, who doesn't like a discount?!.

go to that link. Click Sign Up. You probably have to create an account. then choose team TCR Team Biegs (very important step) when you are able to put in the promo code use TCRSTAFF13 and voila $10 off for you and anyone you want, like seriously anyone, just sign up each person separately.

I went to The Color Run Ft. Lauderdale last weekend and it was a blast! who knew a little colored cornstarch could make people so happy, but it really does. and it's a great way to get in some exercise

check out the Facebook page as well -

and how about a sweet video

I'm telling you, people love this. you want to be a color runner!

Monday, April 22, 2013

but seriously...this pillow

ok. who really writes a blog post about a pillow? this girl. but it's a great pillow.

I found it on pinterest and it can be found here

I wish I could justify the $64.99 to buy it because I just love it for some odd reason, but I just can't.

maybe, I made it into a t-shirt for a friend. I didn't get a picture, but it's seriously perfect. so perfect in it's own little way.

I have the strangest sense of humor.

new. job.

so I got a new job, finally. of course it came when I wasn't really looking and had made a plan to work part time and pursue another degree. I had just started training at the part time job and not really loving it, but willing to work when I got a text from a friend that said, "send me your resume" followed by a phone call from the HR director requesting the same.

I sent my resume Monday, trained Monday and Tuesday at the part timer, had an interview Friday, got a job offer Monday, quit the part timer Tuesday and started Wednesday working for The Color Run it was a bit of a crazy week, but well worth it. luckily, the part timer was very understanding and willing to get my scheduled shifts covered since it's not like me to start and quit something within two weeks, but The Color Run offer was something I couldn't turn down.

I work on the International Team as the Project Coordinator and it keeps me busy, keeps me learning, and it's very rewarding to see the race spread across the world.

there are a lot of great and diverse people that work there and it's a very fun environment. I'm really enjoying getting to know everyone and new people keep coming and making it even a greater place.

if you get a chance to run The Color Run, you should. it's a 5k and you get covered in color followed by a giant festival/dance party.

andddddd.........if you want to run the Salt Lake race (August 24th), let me know. I can get you $10 off for anyone you want to enter.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

the eye doctor

now, a visit to the eye doctor doesn't seem like a very interesting subject for a post; however, my appointment the other day made for a very (un)eventful day (plus, I don't have much else happening these days). I decided to go to a real eye doctor this year just to mix things up (not that the Costco ones aren't real, but thought I'd try an actual eye center for a change).

first, I met with a tech to get my basic history and reason for appointment; second, I met with a lady to fit me for contacts (turns out my existing prescription was pretty good so I felt fine about sticking with Costco for so many years); third, they dilated my eyes (with the less powerful drops for my sensitive blue eyes) and had me wait in the waiting room with my eyes closed so it looked like I was just taking a nice little nap; lastly, I met with the actual doctor who I greeted with my head down since I couldn't look anywhere near a light. I never knew an eye appointment could be so eventful.

upon leaving, I asked how long until the drops wore off - 3 hours, she said (it was 10:45 when I asked). I asked if I was okay to drive - sure, they said, it really only affects your vision close up. so off to my car I went to get some things done for the day.

turns out, I could see, if it was dark enough. I drove home wearing two pairs of sunglasses and my hand shading the bright sun coming in (the only time it was sunny that day). oh, and I couldn't see the speedometer so who knows how fast I was going. that made for some really safe driving...not.

when I went to check my phone, I couldn't see it, even at arms-length. people were emailing, texting, calling and I couldn't do a thing about it. (my first thought was, "is this what it's going to be like when I'm old?!") so the phone was out as well as the iPad, computer, books, new J.Crew catalog, recipes for the cookies I needed to bake, and the T.V. due to the bright lights so I napped. it was great, but not so productive. finally, around 1:30 I could see enough to get ready for the day (I still did my hair with the lights off, it was pretty).

about 2:45, with my pupils still dilated, but not as bad as they had been, I took a quick trip to drop off an application and have an informal interview. I wore sunglasses outside-it was overcast-and my pupils were huge the whole interview. she probably thought I was hopped up on something and I didn't even think to mention that my eyes might be looking a little crazy, but it wasn't normal. hopefully, those I know that work with her will let her know I don't actually do drugs.

finally, about 4:45, my eyes adjusted and looked normal again. what was that talk about 3 hours!?! lesson learned - don't ever go to the eye doctor when you have things to do; it ends up being an all-day event.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

breaking up is hard (awkward) to do

I wrote this a while ago and then never posted - it's kind of funny so I share

I had a conversation with a friend recently about the most awkward kiss we had ever experienced (story for another day) which got me thinking about awkward breakups to all breakups/severing of relationships I've had, so I thought I'd share some basic details of those experiences

-the time former BF had his best friend flirt with me all night so I didn't feel as bad when he broke up with me later that night
-the time I wanted to end things and boy didn't so instead of taking me home, he sped up the canyon late at night full of rage until I changed my mind. when that didn't happen and he finally turned around, he ended the night telling me all the bad things I do to destroy relationships before finally taking me home and then again telling me to call him if I changed my mind
-the time I took 6+ hours, 3 different locations to breakup with a BF; in tears the entire time. I still feel bad for putting him through that misery. it then took over a year for things to be final
-the time I raised my hand as if in class to tell him I had something to say and could only get out, "I can't do this anymore," while pointing to the both of us (not so good with words)
-the time former BF ended things in a matter of two minutes and I didn't have a chance to say a word; he was in and out before I could even process what he said
-the time I had his best friend deliver the bad news since it was the 4th time breaking up with him
-the time(s) I had to sit in his car while he waited for me to say something to make him feel better about breaking up with me
-the text that says, "I'm not interested in anything past being friends," and he mysteriously stops texting you
-the time I put someone back in the friend zone without giving him a chance to really say anything
-the time he didn't talk to me for 30 minutes in the car and then basically pushed me out the door
while the car was still moving to drop me off
-the time he told me I wasn't a decent human being after one phone conversation
-the time he gave me the fade out, then promised it wasn't the fade out and he hadn't forgotten about me, and then never called again
-the time I told him not to waste his time by trying to ask me out again

nothing ever seems to go smoothly for me during a break up; but after the shock wears off, I've got some great stories

A Year in Review

I've been reflecting on 2012 a lot with the New Year and what I'm going to do to make 2013 better - 2012 just wasn't my best year. Good, but not the best. Here's a little bit of what happened in 2012 (kind of long so don't read if you don't want)

 -finally moved from the front desk and into an office at work and got a sweet scanner (January was really exciting)
-watched a lot of Utah Jazz games!
-thought I might go back to school and get an MBA and started thinking about studying for the GMAT
-Annie and Kellen got engaged
-started dating a kid. It was fun, but we probably jumped into things too fast in retrospect
-celebrated my mom's birthday
-turned 25 and was relatively okay with it; celebrated with a ski weekend
-skied my first black diamond (just not telling you which resort or how long it took)
-decided to not go back to school this year. laughed out loud in the testing center when I got my sad GMAT score
-Annie graduated from UVU with her BFA
-boy and I broke up, it was mutual.
-sat 7th row at a Jazz game thanks to a random stranger
-played my only day of sand volleyball all summer
-got the stomach flu and then couldn't get better. took more sick/vacation days than I worked
-made it through one blood test without passing out (the other 2 or 3 in a 6 week period didn't go so well)
-finally got some sort of answer of why I was sick along with a "there's not much we can do for you"...ovarian cysts aren't life threatening but man, can they hurt
-Annie got married and her wedding went off without a hitch with so much love and help from family and friends
-went to the Strawberry Days Rodeo
- Celebrated the 4th of July as only our neighborhood can do despite a monsoon in the middle of our party. You can't go wrong with homemade ice cream, star sugar cookies and four huge packs of Costco fireworks. 
-Went to a Tom Petty cover concert with some of the hippest names in Provo. It was actually really good and we have some great talent in our little town.
-saw the "foot lady" (zonologist) and she got me feeling much better than any doctor I had seen. It's amazing what she can determine through the feet and what can be healed/improved with essential oils - I'm a believer!
-celebrated Annie's birthday
-celebrated my dad's birthday with the day off doing whatever he wanted
-booked a trip to NYC because Southwest had half-off tickets 
-went to the USANA Fest and saw lots of crazies, but had fun with friends
-had another ultrasound with the not-so-promising answer, "There's not much we can do for you, sorry you don't feel good!" (I have felt better since then, but still frustrated with doctors.)

-traveled to NYC and Boston
-went ice-blocking
-got a new cell phone - Samsung Galaxy S3 - it's smarter than me!
-finally rode to the top of South Fork and back (not too far, but a huge accomplishment considering my health over the summer)
-resigned from my job (retired as my friends like to say). I got stuck in a routine and quitting was part of my plan to make some needed changes to bring back the excitement in my life
-had a crazy month trying to get things closed out at work along with training two new girls
-finally spent a solid day shopping at City Creek!
-worked my last day at Canyon Park .
-went to the new Traverse Mountain outlets 3 times opening week
-got to watch the cutest girls around - my cousin Alissa's daughters Ella and Anna - a couple times a week for a few weeks
-celebrated Thanksgiving with family
-started seasonal work at Color Me Mine
-visited the lights at Temple Square with friends
-went to the First Presidency Devotional at the Conference Center with friends
-best friend since childhood, Nina, got married to a great guy and they had a beautiful reception at Sundance
-caught up with Freshman and Sophomore friends Amanda and Melissa
-had a low-key but wonderful Christmas at home with our family and Grandma Lota

2012 was also full of lots of shopping, sushi nights, some dates (good and bad), evening bike rides, friends having sweet little babies and sadly friends moving away as they start their careers and families. Like I said, it wasn't a terrible year, but not my best. Here's to hoping that 2013 brings new excitement, better health and adventures in career and living situation!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New York and Boston

I feel so behind, but at the same time not a whole lot has happened since my last post, but I'll add to my travel log here.

In September, I went to New York City with some friends, Kainoa, Craig, and Dan. We had mentioned it a few times, but then finally just did it since Southwest was having a great deal on tickets. Dan's sister was nice enough to let us stay with her family in New Canaan, CT which is a cute, quaint little town and we got to have extra money for shopping! We did everything we possibly could fit into the 5 days we were there and got home exhausted each night. We saw the Statue of Liberty (from afar), the World Trade Center memorial, walked the Brooklyn Bridge to have pizza at Grimaldi's, hung in Time's Square, saw Newsies and Wicked, went to the observatory deck at the Rockefeller Center, walked through Central Park, went to the MET & Natural History museums, shopped (a lot), ate our hearts out, got lost (a lot) walking, subway-ing, and driving, and marveled at all the buildings and people everywhere. I think there's more, but my memory evades me. There were two restaurants I wish Utah was cool enough to have - Shake Shack and Westville - they were so good! (Blame Blogger for the odd picture layout, I can't fix it!)

Plenty of teasing happened the entire trip
From the Brooklyn Bridge
So happy to have finally made it

At the Museum of Natural History
After going to Church
Top of the Rock
View from the top
View from the top
Times Square


We also spent a day in Boston. We drove up the coast, hung in Boston all day, and then drove back. It was a long day, but I loved it! We shopped, ate, walked part of the Freedom Trail along with our Trolley tour, made sure to get a cannoli at Mike's Pastry (the amaretto cannoli was amazing!), walked around Fenway as we got there too late for a tour, and then spent the evening getting burgers and touring Harvard campus with Craig's friend, Carly. I loved all the history mixed into the city; there was history around every corner.
Trolley tour and uncontrollable hair
Harvard Stadium

USS Constitution
Amazing Amaretto Cannoli